Quality Senior Home Care

Delaware, Dublin, and Marysville, Ohio areas

We provide compassionate senior home care in the Delaware, Dublin, and Marysville, Ohio areas.

Be assured your loved ones will receive quality senior home care from our professional caregivers.

Safety and quality come first: our experienced senior caregivers undergo rigorous background checks, and Caregiver USA has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating!

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Senior Home Care in Dublin, Ohio. Quality caregivers for home health care.
Senior Home Care in Dublin, Ohio. Quality caregivers for home health care.

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Personalized, compassionate home health care.

Senior Home Care in Marysville, Ohio. Quality caregivers for home health care.

Helping seniors live independently in their own homes.

We accept Private insurance and private pay.

It can be difficult to know where to begin, but our experts are ready to help you today!

Even if you aren’t sure what services you need, or how long you will need them, that’s okay! No long-term contracts are required!

  • Caregiver USA provides professional senior home health care and our staff helps you through the process.
  • Physicians directed.  Managed by licensed nurses.
  • Senior caregivers undergo rigorous background checks and are 100% Caregiver USA employees.
  • We offer compassionate, professional assistance with daily living activities like bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting. 

We are here to support older adults living independently in their own homes. Let’s get started today!

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Housekeeping, Dishes and Laundry

Respite for Family Caregivers

Meal Preparation

Personal Care, Bathing and Dressing

Dementia Care


Our Customers Have Great Things to Say!
James Howley
James Howley
I have worked at Caregiver USA for almost two years now and I couldn't be happier. I began as a homemaker, helping seniors age in place, which is a very rewarding job. Now I work in the office and help coordinate senior care. Caregiver USA is a wonderful place to work and an outstanding company to provide services for your family members or friends.
Liss Griffin
Liss Griffin
As of today, I have been with Caregiver, USA Corp for two years! I cannot say enough good things about this company! They take care of their employees, offer the most competitive wage, informative orientation and training, and the client care is top notch! Proud to be a part of it!!
Andrew Colvin
Andrew Colvin
We are very pleased with Caregiver USA! We just love Ashley and Lisa! My parents were going through a very difficult time when we reached out for services. My mom was literally in bed all the time. Now she is engaged and back to participating in life. Ashley helped her sort things out of her closet and other areas. This was a huge feat and my mom can’t say enough good things about Ashley - she’s extremely hard working, kind, and always on time and eager to be helpful. Lisa also is all around a huge help. She is a dynamo at cleaning and my mom has enjoyed cooking with her and says Lisa’s cooking is very yummy. My brother and I feel more relaxed and assured that my parents have Ashley & Lisa to rely on for their day to day needs.
Rita Delong
Rita Delong
My caregiver is Lisa, she has been for several months. She's a great worker and wonderful to work with! Always on time and very efficient. We have a routine down and my room always looks refeshed when she leaves. Glad to have found her. Caregiver USA is a great company, good communication always let's me know if there going to be changes for the week. They provide a variety of service to help the seniors of Delaware.
Mark DeLay
Mark DeLay
My mother Barbara Delay has had the absolute best care from Lisa during her time in need. Not only does Lisa do a great job , she has also became a friend to my mother. And the family. We value her tremendously. You folks are very fortunate to employee her. If I owned my own company , I would want folks like Lisa to work for me.
Gregory Owendoff
Gregory Owendoff
Caregiver USA has been a great agency to work for. As a college student, the flexible scheduling accommodated my classes and extracurriculars, while the clinical relationships with my clients prepared me well for my graduate health studies.
Charlene Fisher
Charlene Fisher
I needed a silver infused mask quickly and was very happy to be able to pick them up in person. I didn’t even think about getting a silver infused mask until I was searching online and so happy this company had them available locally and an excellent price. They fit well, are comfortable to wear and breathe and have mini colors to choose from. Highly recommend.
Bizu Macco
Bizu Macco
Caregiver USA is a great place to work at. Wonderful and caring supervisors for employees as well as their clients perfectly know what they are doing. I strongly recommend Caregiver USA!
Cindra Cowen
Cindra Cowen
Caregivers USA has frequently exceeded my expectations in caring for my mother who lives in Richwood, Ohio. The events yesterday were another example of Caregivers going above and beyond the call of duty. Mom's Caregiver arrived to find no answer at the door and Mom's van not in the driveway. She easily could have assumed Mom wasn't home and returned to Dublin, but she did not. Instead she went around the house, calling to Mom through each closed window and door until she heard Mom respond. Mom had fallen out of bed several hours earlier and could not move. Mom's Caregiver (Natasha) called the paramedics, reassuring Mom through the closed window while they waited. Caregivers' office (Tonya) called me (I live 900 miles due south on the Gulf of Mexico) when they could not reach family members in the local area. When Natasha and the paramedic were inside the house to assist and evaluate my mother, Natasha called to reassure me and to let Mom speak with me. We had a happy ending to our day yesterday, and I am more grateful to Caregivers USA than my words here can ever describe. Please do not hesitate to hire Caregivers USA to care for and assist someone you love. I assure you the level of care they provide will amaze you.